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Email Marketing 101

When you send out a solicitation email, you’re initiating the first step in a communication chain devised to create action.  Generally, the second step is to move the recipient to your website, where you’ll wow them with great content, a great product, and a great offer.  Don’t   overload the email copy….create enough interest to cause action.   Remember:   you’re not going for the sale in the email.  Keep it lean, keep it interesting, and don’t oversell.

Personalize.  Not much needs to be said here.  When you can, personalize your outbound message.  But you already know you get a better response from “Hi Anne” than “Hey you.”

List relevance is critical.  When crafting your email marketing, pay attention to all attributes of your marketplace.  Are you communicating with, for example, accountants?  Are they in large accounting firms, or small enterprises?  Do they have a sub-specialty?  Make sure your messages reflect the differences.  You’ll need to break your list – and position your messages – to the smallest logical components to maximize relevance.   Remember: When you maximize relevancy, you maximize results.

Measure according to the proper statistics.   
Open rate:  At best a flawed stat.  It’s hampered by whether you sent an html or a text message, preview panes, remote opens, and on and on.  Don’t be too concerned about open rates, the number you get isn’t true anyway.

Click through rate:  A better stat.  This accurately reflects the movement to the next step in the email chain.  It measures movement, and movement is good.

Hot lead or purchase:  Bingo.  Isn’t this what you’re going for anyway?

Care about what’s important.  
Unless you have a site that generates income on ad revenues, then traffic isn’t an indicator of effectiveness.   Forget traffic.

When you devised the email campaign, what was your final objective?  A sale? A hot lead for the sales organization to work?  Then tally how many of these the email activity generated.  Bottom line:  This is the metric you need to care about.

ALWAYS Build your dbase.
The lifeblood of your business is a database of customers and qualified leads. If your outbound email program doesn’t allow you to build your database, then you’re missing a real opportunity. Remember:  Take qualified records and use them in your remarketing.  And watch your business flourish.


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