Proceed with care, or it’ll be zilch.

Tough Love on Messaging

If you’re in an organization that makes and sells products or services – and that should be all of us, right? — I’ve got some news for you.  While you live, eat, and breathe your business, no one else cares about the nuances of your messages.  Not one lick.  Because in our cluttered sea of offerings, what your product is about is, quite frankly, irrelevant.  All that’s cared about is what your product does for your customers.

Let’s say, for sake of example, your company developed a battery based on a technology that will revolutionize the way we drive cars, power our electronics, and even make our food.  So after a month of editing and tweaking, a news release goes out to the press about all the great product features, the fact that the battery’s power source is vinegar, that the reactions in the battery are all natural and non-polluting in both manufacture and recycling, and so on.

Great news to know.  But your market might yawn, stretch, and saunter away.

We generate buzz, sales, profits, and all those great things only if we focus on “and here’s what’s in it for you, and here’s why you should care” in our messages.  Does your product or service make your customers’ lives easier?  Does it meet their usage requirements?  Is it priced at what they’re willing to pay? Does it tap into their core belief systems?  And does it make them feel great when they buy your wares?  If your marketing can’t provide answers to these questions, then it won’t meet its potential.  Not even close.

And the (insert your product/service here) that would have revolutionized the way the world lives will be yet another brilliant idea that goes poof.



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