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K-12 Education Marketers: Arm Your Reps with a Winning Sales Presentation

It’s marketing’s responsibility to make sure the sales team is fully on message, so provide them with a top-notch, killer sales presentation. With one at their disposal, one that they can used in nearly all selling situations, then you’ve made important strides to maximize your sales potential.

So what are some attributes of a really great, highly effective presentation?


If you design your presentation to be modular – able to be cut into any number of independent components on the fly – then you’ll be arming the sales organization with a valuable tool. As they uncover specific needs, they’ll be able to focus in on those needs and sell in a more strategic way.


Yes, the KISS principle applies. Make it protracted, make it complex, make it about anything other than how you solve pain points, and you might as well be talking to your dog. And you’ll get the same vacant looks from both your dog and your prospects. (Though your dog will still love you regardless. Site-based and district stakeholders, well, they won’t).

Go Talk StopBrief.

Being self-indulgent with other people’s time is a sure way to ice new business. Go too long in a meeting, and even the most engaging presenter begins to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Waawawa wawawa wa. Pass that point, and you’ll get no sale.


Use multimedia, use anything visual, but do all you can to stay away from droaning, mind-numbing bullet points. Let’s face it, we all know that presentations can be boring, boring, boring. You don’t have to do magic tricks and saw a person in half; but if your presentation induces narcolepsy, then you don’t need me to tell you that the sales group won’t use it and you’re launched right back to square one.

And if your marketing team can’t provide sales with a presentation that meets their needs? Then among other things, you’ll certainly be dealing with…..

Brand dilution.

And confusion.  Marketing is the brand Sherpa. They’ll be sure to overlay the proper branding in your sales presentations to keep it consistent and clearly communicated.

Inconsistent messaging.

As a component of branding, marketing is the message Sherpa too. So if you don’t define that message and let your reps deliver it to the marketplace during their calls, then it’s a certainty that the efforts will not live up to potential.

Lower sales.

That’s because top-notch reps will be spending way too much time devising their own presentations instead of selling.

The K-12 Marketing ToolkitIt’s marketing’s responsibility to provide the tools to instill a solid brand and to help facilitate the sales organization’s tireless quest to grow the business. If you’re interested in learning more about what’s required specifically for the K-12 educational marketplace, download a free copy of the 13 page PDF guide “The K-12 Marketing Toolkit: 11 Essential Components.”

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