5 Ways to Keep Your Messages Simple.  And Effective.

5 Ways to Keep Your Messages Simple. And Effective.

When you keep your communications simple, you’re creating access. And clarity. And that allows your core message to be heard louder and clearer.

It’s the difference between being on point. Or rambling around its peripheries.

The KISS principle certainly applies to messaging, as it does to most things we do in life. But when we create outbound communications, there sometimes exists a habit to “kitchen-sink” the information. We become adamant in our attempt to tell the marketplace everything about our business and its products in the nanosecond we have to catch and hold attention.

By doing so, we add to the noise rather than detract from it.

Five ways to allow your outbound messaging to cut through the noise:
#1: Keep it simple.
#2: Edit ruthlessly.
#3: Meet needs.
#4: Differentiate.
#5: Be yourself. Be unique.

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