Social Media & Caveman’s Fire:  The Evolution of Social Media

Social Media & Caveman’s Fire: The Evolution of Social Media

Among the leading questions I’m asked is “how do I best take advantage of social media for my business?” And there are good answers to that question. Creating content is one. Building relevant networks is another. But what I’m finding is that the real question I’m asked is “what the heck is social media, really? And please help me to make some sense of it!”

We once tamed fire. We learned how to best control it to do remarkable things like keep us warm and cook our food. While a dramatic analogy, social media is in some ways like the early interactions with fire. We know it has amazing potential. It can and already has opened new avenues and possibilities for worldwide communication. But how do we fully come to terms with it?

Though confusing for some, or maybe most, we’re exactly where social media should be right now. And like early fire, social media has untold benefits once we understand how to best use it.

Sit by the fire, relax, and read the full article at Business2Community.


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