A top-down, bottom-up market approach.

Outbound Marketing to K-12 Education: Top-Down, Bottom-Up

For those of you who are veterans of selling and marketing to K-12 education, you already know what a challenging market it is. It’s a place where purchasers, influencers, and users are a tangled and confusing jumble of business office staff, administrators in district offices and at the school site, and classroom educators. It’s a market that differs from state-to-state, and each district may have distinct practices that make it unique. And Common Core isn’t going to make it any easier.

For traditional K-12 educational selling, sales generally pursues district-wide or multi-school orders, what’s termed “top-down” sales. Their communications are to high-level administrators. Direct outbound marketing can add reach and awareness by focusing on school-based influencers – critical to a purchasing cycle within education– with a “bottom-up” strategy. It also establishes and reinforces key messages to both influencers and decision-makers, greatly increasing brand awareness and making the sales process work smoother.

Depending on product offering, smart direct outbound tactics can uncover sales opportunities that don’t require sales rep intervention. This frees rep time to pursue larger opportunities rather than chase smaller and less significant accounts. When marketing and sales works in a coordinated effort with this “top-down bottom-up” strategy, the potential for increased business is significant.

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  1. Great article, Matt! Hope all is well!

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