7 Reasons Why Price Matters.  A Lot.

7 Reasons Why Price Matters. A Lot.

Stack of BillsPricing a product or service “right” is among the most difficult decisions that any company makes. Pricing is a choice, and one that carries enormous ramifications. The “right” price is highly subjective but essential to achieve your business goals. Don’t slap a price on your product and see what happens. Think long and hard about it. Then think again. Here are 7 reasons why:

  • Your pricing strategy should support your overall business objectives.
  • Price is a HUGE differentiator. And sometimes the only differentiator.
  • Price defines your brand.
  • Price defines your customer.
  • Price will alter your business operations.
  • Price will affect the way you market and sell your product.
  • Your market can be incredible price sensitive. Or not. Do you know which?

Get the complete story 7 Reasons to Think Twice (or More) About Your Pricing Strategy. 

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