K-12 Marketers:  How to Keep Productive Nov thru Jan

K-12 Marketers: How to Keep Productive Nov thru Jan

When marketing to K-12, the timeframe from Thanksgiving through New Years can be a challenging time to get the attention of educators. So what do K-12 marketers do when our outbound calendars are lean?

Retool the website.  

Your website is the living, breathing, and very public billboard for your company. Lift up the hood and take a good long look at it, and adjust where necessary. Are you leading with how you address the market’s pain points? Is your content fully up-to-date, and accessible?  More on web presences here.


Valuable Original Content

Keep making content.

Develop more content.

Content development defines your SEO, so make sure you’re developing an ongoing stream of important information to help you get found, and to show how important your offering is once that happens. This can be time consuming, so now’s the time. Also, don’t neglect your offline content (aka sales sheets, one-sheets, and brochures). Offline content helps your sales and distribution channels, so now’s the time to make sure yours is finely honed.  Read more on content marketing for K-12 here.

Make a video.

If you don’t use videos, odds are you should. They’re great for communicating to your busy, multitasking, “I don’t have time to read this” audience. Despite the fact they’re only 90 seconds or so, they take significant time to make a great one, so start right now and get if ready for January.

Talk with sales.

Marketing should be talking with sales. A lot. Few in the company have a better grasp on how the marketplace is responding to company and product messages like the sales team. Go old school by picking up the phone, and bend an ear. More importantly, do your best listening and let your own ear get bent. More on marketing and sales interactions here.

Talk with customer service.

Customer service can give marketers great information on what customers love — and what they don’t love so much.

Revamp the outbound schedule for Jan-April.

Odds are, you’ve learned a lot from the results of your Aug-Nov work. Revisit the remaining school year deployment calendar, and fine-tune as needed. More on timing the K-12 cycle here.

Structure, clean, and organize your lists.

Lists are your lifeblood. Make sure yours are clean, well-organized, and segmented according to usage needs. Now’s a great time for doing just that. Read more about lists here.

Do something different.

Nothing is as detrimental to ongoing growth as a rigid diet of status quo. Change that, and change that quickly. How about reallocating 15% of your budget to do something entirely new? You can only think out of the box if you get yourself, well, out of the box.  Read more about embracing change here.

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