Go Fish.  Essential Marketing Lessons Learned From Fishing

Go Fish. Essential Marketing Lessons Learned From Fishing

Fishing offers a great analogy for marketing, communicating, and growing your business, and provides valuable marketing lessons. Patience, knowledge, and working smart are the best ways to put a fish on your plate for dinner, and to add more customers to your growing client list.

Here are just a few of these marketing essentials. Read the complete article 12 Essential Marketing Lessons Learned From Fishing. 

  • You can’t catch fish if you don’t have a line in the water.  

    Fish don’t just jump in the boat.  All lines in the water.  Businesses that operate with a “build it and they will come” mentality won’t reach potential.

  • The bigger the bait, the bigger the fish. 

    If you’re up for catching the big fish, do what’s necessary in your industry to attract them and land them.

  • Just because you can see a fish doesn’t mean you can catch it

    You know they’re there. But unless you can engage, then nothing happens.  Know what you need to use to pull them in.

  • You can use sonar, technology, and the most expensive gear to be successful.  Or you can use a hook tied to kite string with a corn nibblet on the end. 

    The simple approach might be less sophisticated, but not necessarily less successful.  Understand what works best for you.

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