Listen to the Webinar:  K-12 Marketing and Seasonality

Listen to the Webinar: K-12 Marketing and Seasonality

If you market to K-12, you know how difficult a market it is.  If you don’t engage educators with your messages at the right time, and in the right way, they simply won’t pay attention to your communications.  Strict rules apply when marketing and selling to K-12.  The calendar is essential when it comes to your tactical and strategic approaches.  Regardless of the tactics you use to engage K-12, they are guided by immutable laws:

Calendar March1.  Purchasing decisions are made end of school year

2.  Most purchases occur over the summer

3.  Your marketing and sales activities MUST take this cycle into account

4.  You can’t change #1, #2, #3 no matter how you try

Now's the timeIf you’d like more detailed information, I recently presented a webinar on the subject entitled It’s All About Timing: The K-12 Ed Marketing Cycle.   A hat-tip to Agile Education, who hosted the webinar.

If you don’t have 60 minutes to listen to the entire presentation and want more information on timing the K-12 market, read my less lengthy article Timing Outbound K-12 Marketing.




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