Can Marketing Save A “Stuck” Business?

Can Marketing Save A “Stuck” Business?

A stagnating business might decide the solution to their ongoing ills is to escalate marketing. That’s a good decision.

But while great marketing can transform a business, some aren’t willing or able to undergo the frequently trying transformation.  Change comes hard, and many avoid the difficult changes required to get a business on track.  So what’s a marketer to do when faced with these tough circumstances?

Don’t Compromise. Don’t second-guess yourself. Stick to your guns, particularly if your strongly held opinions were forged from extensive experience.

Stay Positive. Realize that working under difficult conditions is an excellent learning experience.  Stiff upper lip, as the saying goes.

Take Responsibility. Admit it. You stepped right into a difficult situation, and you probably should have known before taking that step.

Don’t Delay. Get Outta’ There. Go do some great work for amazing companies. There are terrific opportunities out there. Go get them!

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