Be Yourself.  Everyone Else is Taken.

Grow Your Business By Being Genuine

In business, and certainly in life in general, being genuine is a critical aspect of being a force of attraction to other people. The fact is, not everyone is going to become your customer, so it’s best to be true to yourself and your own positive instincts. The importance of “being yourself” is that if you aren’t true to your own personality, you’re at risk of being perceived as false and untrustworthy. Of course, no one wants to do business with someone – or an organization – that exhibit those traits.
The importance of being genuine is that true success – of all kinds, not just monetary — happens when you’re in the process of fully actualizing who you are. Not copying others.

So many products and services in the marketplace are so similar as to make them nearly indistinguishable. For many businesses, it’s the subtleties that allow us to stand out. A product or service that’s priced fairly. A service provider that delivers at the time they said they would. A conference call that starts exactly when scheduled.

In a very true sense, that’s the personality of your business shining through. And in this overstuffed universe of products and services, that’s just the difference that’s needed to go from obscurity and mediocrity to success.

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