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Proceed with care, or it’ll be zilch.

Tough Love on Messaging

If you’re in an organization that makes and sells products or services – and that should be all of us, right? — I’ve got some news for you.  While you live, eat, and breathe your business, no one else cares about the nuances of your messages.  Not one lick.  Because in our cluttered sea of offerings, what your product is about is, quite frankly, irrelevant. ...

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You've got mail.

Email Marketing 101

When you send out a solicitation email, you’re initiating the first step in a communication chain devised to create action.  Generally, the second step is to move the recipient to your website, where you’ll wow them with great content, a great product, and a great offer.  Don’t   overload the email copy….create enough interest to cause action.   Remember:   you’re not going for the sale in the email.  Keep...

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