At Insight29, we know that you need great clients to do great work. And we’ve got them. Here’s some of what they have to say:

“As a K-12 executive launching a new business, my search for marketing expertise led me to Insight29. Matt and his team helped us launch a new company quickly and effectively. They created our marketing strategy, website, email campaigns, sales materials, and more. Working with Insight29 gave us instant access to incredible, cost effective resources that Matt personally managed. Plus, Matt helped me understand the implications of my options, which allowed me to feel good about my decisions. Matt is easy-going and enjoyable to work with—a rare pleasure in my 20 years of working in and around major educational publishing companies.

“I am very pleased with how Insight29 helped position our brand in the market, giving us a solid foundation that we can easily build upon. I fully recommend Insight29 services!”

– A. Roberts, CEO & Founder, Sirius Education Solutions

“As CEO of a start-up company, I was looking for a marketing firm that could deliver top-quality professional work worthy of a Fortune 500 company while working within the budget constraints of a start-up. Matt and his team not only delivered the highest quality collateral materials but were also collaborative, accommodating, and understanding of our tight deadlines.

“I highly recommend using Insight29 for your marketing and graphic design needs. I will certainly be using their services again and again.”

– Adam Hall, CEO & Founder, Nervanix

“There are few people in the business who know K-12 marketing as well as Matt Laddin. Matt is fast, efficient, and extremely good at pinpointing the best way to market your solutions. He has a team of insanely good graphics experts and he’s very analytical. Bottom line: Insight29 gets the job done, and done well.”

– P.H. Mullen, Jr., VP Marketing, Junyo

“In an age of inbound/outbound/direct & indirect strategies—how do you standout without sticking out? Marketing success in today’s K-12 market requires striking a winning balance between capturing attention while quietly cultivating relationships.

“For these reasons, I rely on Insight29 as my ‘go-to’ partner for K-12 marketing. Initiatives that are important to me are important to the staff at Insight29. They craft solutions that achieve results delivered on time and on budget. They have risen to every challenge I have thrown at them…and that the market has thrown at me!”

– Steve Rowley, CEO & Principal Advisor, Acumen Partners

“Insight29 prepared a situation analysis report for Scientific Minds in 2013. The report was filled with meaningful data, funding opportunities, and actionable steps for growth. Best of all, Matt listened to our concerns, offered valuable advice, and delivered as promised.”

– Kathy Reeves, President & Founder, Scientific Minds

“We used Insight29 to get our direct marketing operation spun up. Matt’s expertise and guidance saved us a lot of time and helped us test and refine our messaging quickly. The valuable lessons we learned through the in-market tests will inform our work going forward.”

– Lee Wilson, CEO, Filament Games

“When Froguts has a marketing need Insight29 is our first choice! Matt and Insight29 exemplify the experienced, creative, and success-driven marketing team that every company should strive to have as a partner.

“Insight29 employed its experience and understanding of the education market space to propel our company towards new levels of reaching customers and raising our brand awareness. The Insight29 team analyzed a complex market environment and quickly established our confidence that they understood our business requirements and objectives. They developed a strategy and comprehensive marketing plan and then guided us through its successful implementation. Analytics were incorporated into their approached that allowed us to measure our successes and alignment with business goals.”

– David Hughes, CEO, Froguts Inc.